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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Yeah-so the morning starts with both of them thinking maybe I'm mad at them. Maca thinks maybe I'm so caught up in C that morning I forgot him (not even close) and C thinks maybe Maca was so upset when we went to bed that I decided to avoid seeing him before he went to work that day...
Setting aside the fact that it's completely OK to have dreams like that (and I'm sure you've already dealt with that), I'm wondering if this rape dream had something to do with this dynamic you always seem to be caught between. (Disclaimer: This is all coming from my VERY limited perspective, so if it's off base, go ahead and disregard )It seems like sometimes you're shouldering the burden that you feel you're a source of major angst for both of your loves. Could your dream have been about dealing with the weight of burden you feel from both of them in this sense?

I'm not saying that they are causing a burden, but we can often saddle ourselves with a lot of weight when our loves are hurting, even more so when we have something to do with the cause of their hurt. Sometimes that burden feels forced on us, like a rape can be.

So maybe the dream was just a signal to yourself about the weight of this burden, and maybe a nudge to see what part of that burden you could lay down.
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