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Originally Posted by River View Post
Something I found online about multi-partner households:


So why is this model so difficult to sustain? Ironically, the reasons most of these families disintegrate so quickly have nothing to do with polyamory. Instead, they fail because of the difficulties of living together: conflicts over housework, kids, money, space and privacy. Everyone must be able to reach agreement on all these questions:

where to live;
what house to buy or rent;
whether to pool financial resources;
how much money to spend and what expenditures are acceptable;
how clean to keep the house and who will be responsible for which chores;
what kind of food to buy and who will cook meals;
how much privacy or personal time each partner will have;
how much time will be spent as a family;
whether to have children, how many children, how will they be cared for, and what styles of child-rearing are acceptable.

Excerpted from -
Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
But we're in loooooooooove! All that other stuff isn't important and will sort itself out because we're in looooove and it's so perfect. We just need a great big huge bed so we can cluster- fuck every night and no one feels left out. Unless one of us isnt in the mood; we cant have sex unless it's all seven of us together at the same time. Also, it has to be a daisy-chain. Don't say anything that will ruin our fantasy of the perfect poly famblee or i'll get mad at you for judging us.

(this has been a public service announcement)
These two posts (one right after the other) made my laugh riotously!! I read River's post and was thinking, "But that sounds so complicated and... PLANNED." My naive idealist heart was rebelling in favor of spontaneity, simply being considerate of others and things just "clicking" into place. Then I read NK's response and was beyond amused at the extreme swing in my heart's direction!

I think "ideally" there is a happy medium we're all searching for. I'll tell you all something thing though, having spent nearly 3 months in a forced living situation with co-workers (at a remote construction camp) I am ultra-appreciative of living with my hubby & his GF. One of my "forced" room mates was so much the epitome of a rude, inconsiderate, filthy, disrespectful, crass, vulgar, indiscriminate, promiscuous, immature and disgusting individual that SHE was almost a living caricature. Nothing like stark contrast to make you appreciate what you DO have versus what you DON'T! I should thank her...
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