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Sorry -yesterday was a daunting day. I JUST made it through your post.
What an exciting experiment this thing called life is. Too bad so many people are so dead set on living it "right" even though not a one of us has a stupid handbook!

I can see where you might be nervous. We tend to attract people by how we make them feel. Seriously-if they feel comfortable and safe with us they stick around, when they no longer feel that, they run away.

So at first glimpse I would say that you make these unsure, frightened men feel safe.
The thing is-you say psychological problems and I have to wonder-behavioral, medical, phisiological, clinically diagnosed issues-or just they are being assholes or have personal fears and insecurities that they allow to control their lives?
Because while the two can manifest similarly-they are VERY different issues.

Like me. I'm ADD. I also have some bizarre sleep issues. If I don't take my sleeping pills, a week or so later I tend to start getting moody, emotional and incapable of being logical or reasonable, because I can't sleep through any single sleep cycle and my brain rebels.
If I don't take my ADD meds then I tend to flip flop between "needing" sex 2-4 times a day physically, to being uninterested in even getting a hug for weeks and repeat. Not very "user friendly" for anyone who cares for me. I can't stop it. Very frustrating.
But if I do take my meds then I can find that comfortable place where I like sex anytime and don't NEED it. Much more stable and user-friendly.

All of that is diagnosed issues.

But, if someone just saw me without the meds they might think "wow she's f'ing crazy".

I'd love to hear more about your situation and see if there are better answers for you in your life!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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