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Sorry I should have clarified that my husband is mostly gay. He was openly gay when we met and only did men, then we met and fell in love and our sex life is much like a normal straight couple except for being open, and now being a poly. He's a confusing but awesome guy, and it created some weirdness in the beginning of the relationship that we worked through before conceiving our son, of whether or not he wanted to 'give up men' or the possibility of finding his perfect man rather than pursuing the relationship that we were forming way back when. We actually resisted getting married for the economic/tax breaks for a long time since we actually lost money on that one, plus I think we both feel there's something wrong with the fact that straights can marry and gays can't and the main reason we're allowed to marry is that we happen to be opposite genders. But that's another ball of wax altogether.
He'll probably be on here to post his own perspective soon - at least he says he will be since he's been lurking longer than I have.
Also, shortly after our son was born we moved to another state and most people here (about half of my family and all of our coworkers) don't know or haven't asked about his sexual orientation because they simply see him as a normal married guy. My parents know about his being gay, as do most of our close friends who say he plays "gay chicken" too well to be straight, but only if you spend a lot of time with him. He's not "in the closet" here, but we figure there's no point in bringing it up with people we're not interested in being intimate with since its just that much more complicated to explain for no reason. Husband has occasional gay sex with men who are either bi or gay who we encounter in our social life, but mostly neither of us have had a lot of time for 'extra-marital' stuff and we never go looking for it, just whenever people give us "the look" when we're out and about, we see what they might be interested in.
Oh, and our partner is mostly straight but very okay with threesomes, though sometimes he and I enjoy alone time in the sac without the husband, and at some point they may want to enjoy some alone time without me, which we are all okay with ... I guess the romance is between both me and the husband and me and the partner, the sex and friendship/companionship is all three of us, if that answers. Sorry its sort of a complex situation and I was trying to keep the intro simple to start with. The real answer is all three members are a little bit bi, but have definite preferences for what gender we like in the general population that don't apply to our relationship with each other.

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