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Perhaps this thread is not the appropriate place to address my questions, but here they are, anyway. If you'd like to address them, perhaps you'll prefer to do so in another thread.

Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
I've never felt like "coupledom" was quite right for me. I want to explore my sexuality. I don't want to be with just one man forever. I'm not particularly interested in falling in love, but my sexual partners are always good friends.
Wow, this passage really struck me, because it's so opposite to myself. (I'm not saying it is bad, just different.)

Being in love is such an exhilarating ecstasy / bliss for me that I have a difficult time understanding not wanting to be in love. And regular sexual contact with someone, for me, means we're at least somewhat in love, and going deeper.

I can't help wondering what "falling in love" means to you--how you understand it. And what, ultimately, distinguishes "good friends" with whom you're sharing sex from persons with whom you're also sharing love / "falling in love"?

Do you worry or fear that in "falling in love" you will necessarily lose your independence? Your freedom? Time to write?
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