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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
This is the part that came across as sounding controlling.... Especially the part with the agreement of not having sex with fertile men, that would really cut down on her potential dating pool and the potential to let love develop where it will.
Thanks for your clarity. My thinking here is that it would only be for a time, not for ever, of course. Does that make it feel less controlling?

Do you have any suggestions about how to raise these kind of ideas, or the ones that Tonberry made earlier, so it comes over as 'this is what I would really like' (negotiation) rather than 'this is what you must do' (control).

I have had experience in the past (not on this issue) of attempts at equal negotiation being received as controlling demands, so any more hints you can give me will be useful.

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I hope other British Quakers who are poly (or wonder if they are) will contact me here, thanks, Friends.
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