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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
So, you are in a quad and want the possibility of having an additional girlfriend. Do you think you may want any additional partners to also be a part of the quad (making it more of a tribe, I think!) or do you just want someone "for yourself?" (for lack of a better way to put it) If your quad has never made an agreement to be polyfidelitous, I don't see any problem, really.

It just sounds like it might be a good time to all get together and review basic boundaries to make sure everyone in your quad is on the same page and is aware of what's going on. It sounds like none of you really ever said, "Okay, it's not swinging anymore. Now we're all poly." I think that it is a good sign that Jenn is able to laugh with you about her jealousy, but make sure you aren't making her feel "wrong" for feeling that way. I also assume that you would be okay with anyone else in the quad taking on additional lovers.

As far as a GF goes that would be to some degree up to the Quad too, and the new GF would have to come naturally. And if the new GF would like to be part of the quad that would be up to her and the quad. I am not really out looking, I dont have any ads up or anything. And really if someone else were to find another that would be great, in my view that is what Poly is all about.
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