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I red more posts....

I wrote what couse of my jealous.....
Main jealous is fear of loosing my hubby.
He says he loves me, but he doesnt know if he wants to be with me. ( which incuding, he doesnt know if he wants to divorce.)

That's make me really really scared....

I only guess, because he feels guilty towards me, so not comfortable with me.
on the other hand, with his gf, he doesnt feel guiltness, so more fun and comfy.

I only can do is make sure he is comfortable at home with me, at the morment. try to not talk about our ploblem...( which is not ideal, we should,, but for whole)
so he doesnt need to be feel guilty...

I am not sure, am I doing right things,,,,
if there are anything i can do more, please tell me....
thank you.
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