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Default Greetings from lurker-ville

Hi everybody,
The screenname is a reference to one of my favorite Heinlein books, the main character was in a group marriage and though I've always been fascinated by the idea never expected to find myself in a poly situation, mostly because its hard enough to find the time and energy for a traditional relationship, much less a poly one.
I am 30, female, and would like to say that I'm bi since I appreciate particular people of either gender, but really have only had romantic relationships with men and on the whole appreciate men's sexuality more easily. Married a wonderful 29 year old gay man, just last year though we've been together for over six now and our delightful son is coming up on five. We were always open to outside sexual encounters, some friendly and sporadic but casual, others simple one night stands with either or both of us, usually depending on the third's preference.
About three and a half years ago we met and became very close to a dear (straight male) friend who is several years younger than us, and offered a poly amorous relationship and at the time he declined for religious reasons, and ended up pursuing a mono relationship. He then found a new religion in his secular studies and is now atheist and after ending the mono relationship this summer moved in with us for a few months and, much to my surprise, was up for a relationship with us that is sexual and romantic. So here we are, trying to muddle our way through it, none of us expecting to have found something both this cool and confusing.
Pretty much the husband and partner are best friends, and I'm the romantic hinge though they would be tight friends if I were absent. Its nice to hear about others' experiences, especially with the NRE stuff, etc. Been reading people's stories and thought it would be nice to say hi rather than lurking forever.
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