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Originally Posted by Sodacan View Post
Thank you all for the replies, I can agree that perhaps my eagerness may have scared her. However i have not been given an opportunity to explain, any civil conversation I attempt is ended in her tears and rage.

As for the cheated part, that is my feeling, I do not feel like I have been cheated on in the normal sense, but that opportunities were given, and never reciprocated. If she had genuinely not enjoyed the experience then I would be dealing with these feelings in a different manner but she has expressed that she enjoyed herself very much. Also that if given better terms would enjoy it again. She however demands that if it were to happen again that I am not to be involved, which i can understand, but she also demands that I remain monogamous sexually while she would be allowed to pursue women.
Which is pure de bullshit. I understand where it's coming from, but it's bullshit.

Originally Posted by Sodacan
She has driven most of my close friends away, we still see one another but we do not share the close emotional ties that we once did, and any time i spend with them is greeted afterward with jealousy and implications of unfaithful behavior on my part. I still have casual friends but I can not be close to people in the way I once was.
I think this one is going to require couples counseling. "Honey, I know this upsets you, but I really need for you to go with me."

If she digs in her heels, well, you have an unpleasant decision to make.

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