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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The difference now being, there are 4 people involved, and his reactionary stance has hurt 3 of them. All fun and games with him and 2 women, and then his wife gets some cock and he's all, OHHHH I never want you to want another person ever again!!!
I'm going to jump in here. I agree that this looks suspicious. If the husband wants to keep his freedom to see other people, but take away his wife's, then that would definitely point to some selfish motive. I'm assuming that the husband is also willing to "give up" other people, but I didn't see that explicitly stated anywhere.

However, given that they are both new at the game, I think it's at least just as likely that this is just an honest fumble.

Because of that, I think giving the husband the benefit of the doubt will help heal any damage (definitely unintentional, but damage nonetheless) more than casting a suspicious eye on him.

Of course, I could be wrong, but if he *is* just being selfish and manipulative, then I think that will become clear as time goes on. If he's not, then taking a suspicious stance right off the bat will probably further erode communication between husband and wife.

So - what I'm saying is it makes more sense right now, from a loss-gain perspective, to go forward with an empathetic type of approach. It's the best chance of restoring communication and trust.

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