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My tingling spidey-senses tell me, that your over-eager ways, has your wife panicking. In theory, you seemed practical about it all, and non-chalant in manor.
The minute you actually thought your wife was going to score, you bee-lined to watch them. It may of been 'neither approved, nor disaproved' or agreed ahead of time. It doesn`t really matter. She is most likely shocked by the change in your demeanor.
I am willing to bet a lot of buttons, your wife was unprepared for your eager-to-see-beaver attitude.

They spent the night flirting, and warming up to each other.
You jumped in at the moment of touch, and wanted in on the action.

See how it can look ? Now she is back-peddling and fearful.

So you can choose to have your nose out of joint and blame your wife, or you can tell her straight up, you wonder if your excitement spooked her.
Open up some dialogue, and see what happens.

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