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You may want to read about the Na of China. Very interesting people. I discovered them through a scholarly review on JStor of the book, A Society without Fathers or Husbands: The Na of China (I have not bought the book yet). Here are some tidbits from the review (publication is American Ethnologist):
The Na have shocked Han Chinese ethnologists
by not having marriage; rather, they practice
visiting relations -- consensual sexual relations
in which both partners remain members
of their natal households and never form an
economic or social union recognizable as
marriage. Na men visit their partners in the
evening and return home by morning to mothers,
aunts, uncles, and siblings, to join in their
own household's work. Either partner can end
a relationship at any time, and both can take
other lovers during or between longer-term

In Na matrilineal households, the father is
considered socially unimportant, and, prior to
the Na's inclusion in the communist state, his
identity was often unknown.

The Na share an understanding, albeit flexible,
of the family as the blood or adopted members
of the household; they see the family as central
to their emotional, economic, and social existence
. . . it is because the Na believe that families should
be stable and harmonious that they do not base
family structure on romantic relationships. These
Na say that love for family members is enduring,
whereas passion is fleeting.
Just makes one think a bit about what's important.

PS - I think of the word "broody" as meaning moody, gloomy, sullen, etc., as in someone who's constantly brooding and occupied with dark thoughts. I didn't realize there was a second meaning to the word until your post prompted me to look it up. But then, I don't know anything about chickens!
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