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Originally Posted by trueRiver View Post
The first one to arrive (March 2009) here has the username River, and signs his name River, and his public profile is here. He is based in Santa Fe, NM, in the US, and is bisexual
Thanks, trueRiver. Actually, I prefer to be called biamorous rather than bisexual, because although I am sexually attracted to both sexes, I prefer to emphasize love over sex in relationships. I find the habit of calling persons homo- and hetero- and bi- sexual places the emphasis on sexual orientation rather than relational orientation and raises one over the other in significance and importance. And I find relational orientation more significant and important. So, yes, I am bisexual. But more importantly and informatively, I am biamorous.

I'm happy that we share the name River. This name is also a name I use outside of web forums, in everyday life. It is my middle name. And thanks for helping with clarity on which River is which!
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