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Originally Posted by trueRiver View Post
But, for me the -amorous ending in polyamorous does imply either sex, or a romantic relationship that is tending that way....
This is partly true, for sure -- at least in the most common usages. However, there are a few exceptions, such as poly folk who self describe as asexaul. And there are also what are called "romantic friendships" which are passionate, sensual ... but not sexual in the general sense.

One thing we can be sure of in this world is variety and differences.

The term "biamorous" was invented mostly to distinguish the bisexual folks who do not engage in (or have interest in) romantic relationships with persons from one or more of the sexes from those who desire (or engage in) romantic relations with either sex. Many bi men, for example, only engage in sex with other men, while not getting much involved emotionally, etc. Sex is for these people a sort of recreational activity somewhat removed from loving relationship.
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