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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I'm hetero too, but I'm not sure if I'm biamorous. Which is probably a good sign I'm not.
It may not be such a sign at all. It might, rather, be that your social conditioning in masculinity is solidly in place. We guys were taught not to cuddle and not to want to cuddle with one another, to compete with one another rather than to share intimacy and tender affection.

I can't say how it is for you. But I can say it is worth experimenting with, testing out. That means deliberately exploring kinds and degrees and levels of (non-sexual) intimacy with one or more guys. And this probably means sharing with this guy (or these guys) what you are exploring and why -- and inviting them to explore with you. (Show them this post, if you like.)

As for the gals already having someone? So what? Have courage. Take risks. Life is either a bold adventure or nothing. People jump out of airplanes with parachutes, they ride whitewater rapids in kayaks, they bungee jump. I think you can ask for some extended hugs with some friends without much risk to life or limb.

As I see it, it is important, even crucial, to push lightly yet firmly against the walls of my comfort zones. It makes my life bigger, and that's all the reason needed. You know you're growing and learning -- and alive! -- when you're testing new waters. Tell this to your potential cuddle buddies. Hell, print this whole post out and show it to 'em. I dare you.
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