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Question What do you think?

What do you think about having one of your partners (the one that is not the primary or the unicorn) be a god-parent if, when you have children. I know it is a long ways ( about 4 yrs) off in my family, but children are already highly important to me (especially since I already had one son that I lost). I have discussed it with both my husband and my girlfriend and they both are fine with legally making my girlfriend (my husband loves her, but mostly thinks of her as a good friend... she does live with us now) the gaurdian of any children my husband and I have (if she is living with us at this time... she is from Finland and will be leaving in Dec. but plans to return in 2yrs). I was just wondering if anyone else has done this or wanted to know what others think. hummm...

Please write to tell me what you think.

Tahira Schmidt
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