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Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
. . . wouldn't a closed poly-fi quad need to have been 'open' on some level to allow it to get to 4 people?

This would suggest that open, closed, mono, non-mono, poly are temporary states of a relationship not a definition?
Sure, there are stages of relationships and it makes sense that a quad or triad would have been opened up in some way before being closed. I see Open as another form of non-monogamy which incorporates casual sex. I see being closed or polyfidelitous as an approach to being poly. As I see it, if polyamory is a structure for multi-partner relationships that includes love and deeper emotional involvement, then polyfidelity is just an agreement on how to go about having that structure and living polyamorously. Yeah, you can have stages that included casual sex or welcomed the possibility of adding more partners, before committing to polyfidelity (faithfulness to/among the group).
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