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Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
GC: is very far away, its very new and has likely never heard of poly. For the moment I'm not seeing or sleeping with Rob or Matt. Would telling him complicate or clarify?
I very rarely, if ever, use the words "polyamory" or "polyamorous." It's just too confusing for too many people. Most everyone understands talking about exclusivity, though. I just tell people, "I'm not looking for exclusivity," or "I'm not comfortable with exclusivity right now," and use that as a springboard for discussion.

If he asks if you have anyone in mind, tell the truth: "There are two guys I've been involved with in the past, who are still in my life, and although I don't desire getting involved with them again right now, I don't really want to cut off any possibility for the future, if it feels right."
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