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Originally Posted by wannabe View Post
Rob and Matt are more interested in me...I have pretty much no interest in being sexual with them, for the moment anyway.

However as they have been in my life for a while now, it wouldn't feel right to simply cut them off cold.
Hmm. Well, logically, if you don't want to have sex with someone - you don't. Nothing confusing there. It doesn't mean they have to be cut out of your life coldly. You can still maintain friendships with them. I think that part is pretty simple. All relationships change with time and I think that anyone involved in casual, primarily sexual relationships are aware that their partners may find people to get serious with and that they should be prepared for the idea that a sex partner entering into something more committed emotionally with someone else would naturally change things.

As far as GC goes, yes, I think it's important to be upfront and honest with him sooner rather than later. "Hey GC, you know, I'm really enjoying what we have and I'm not pursuing any other relationships, but I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of leaving that option open. How do you feel about that?" Also fairly simple. I come from the "say it directly" (but with compassion) school of thought on things like this. I would think that, emphasizing that it is a long-distance relationship would help in explaining the practicality of keeping your options open.
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