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Default What is that middle ground?

I just read a post a few minutes ago about someone "living monogamously" to put it, because they could see it was what their partner needed, even though it wasn't their ideal situation.

This for obvious reasons, I would think, made me think of the pressures even someone poly could bring for a mono.

I'm in one of these situations personally. I'm poly and have been all my life. Fully understood who I was and "came out" just less than a year ago. I've been in a realtionship with a mono [Cherry] for a few months now too. Cherry is a strict mono [but bisexual]. I can see [and she has told me many times] that she only wants me. It has hurt both her and me when I came out to her about my poly self. To the point where I've questioned both just going through with a mono relationship, to ending it completely.

As far, I still don't know what my answer is.

My questions as, what is that middle ground? Is there one at all? Does it have to be one side or the other? If there is... How do you find the middle ground with your partner?
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