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Okay, okay, let's not get too excited about the "science" about the damage that porn causes. I would like to pointed to these studies. It seems like preliminary research at best, relying heavily on case studies. We have to be careful when we interpret prelim research like this that we don't take the idea farther than the study recommends. That's not being scientific.

There have also been other studies elsewhere that find that porn is harmless--or not only that, that there is no evidence it causes sexism, and that it may even reduce sexual violence. Here's an article in Scientific American you can check out which references several recent porn-related studies.

Let's be careful not to make generalizations like "porn damages marriages". Mainstream psychology generally views infidelity as damaging to marriages too, and here we all are, proving that wrong.

Cheesy Lady, I guess I have a question for you. You say "For me, looking at stuff on the internet is very one sided, and there's no extra caring or loving being put in from another person for all of us to benefit from." What do you mean by that? Do you expect to benefit directly from Mr. Cheesehead's private sexual life? Do you think he is entitled to his own private sexual life, or should it all be for you?
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