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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I'm not sure I understand the issue. She says she would be okay with you having another girlfriend, but you don't want one, you want to spend more time with her. Is she not getting that or does she not want to? It seems like there might be an imbalance of interest in each other or perhaps time for each other. You don't have to have another girlfriend as far as I see it. You could just have more friends. It sounds like she could pay more attention to your need for more time too.

i guess she thinks if i have another girlfriend she will feel less pressed to go out more ...and i eventualy would like to but not for that reason id like to cuz the other person would be part of our fam and we would love that person we both have the same view of this but i guess i feel like id be doing something wrong and finding someone to just fill that gap ..that makes me feel selfish i guess ..and my girl friend is ok with it to the point of us all sharing our bed and home if even from time to time i guess since its new to me im having a hard time figuring it all out
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