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I concur with many of the ideas raised. Greenthal makes an excellent point: youth is a time of experimentation, trying on different personas, styles, philosophies. I had a friend who told me she was poly who is now monogamously married and living in Japan.

I was much like happiestmanalive and ramfish, I would sleep with one girl at a time and generally relationships started via physical interaction which somehow magically made us a couple. I thought of it as a way of not feeling bad for having sex, it was our way of saying "no look, I really am a serious person, I'm not frivolous" which is what having sex with someone attractive just for fun would be considered.

I like that "poly" is used more and more, maybe it's being misused a little, but at least it's getting out there. I want it to get out there by hook or crook and we can debate and clarify definitions later. I think it is a beautiful idea that needs to be shared, like HappiestManAlive I wouldn't have minded coming to it sooner!
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