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Cool New confused and looking to learn

hi there everyone new to the concept of poly even thu the more i read and learn,the more i realize i guess iv always bin kind of poly in some ways. i was intruduced to poly and what it is from my current girlfriend,as time has past shes tried to tell me i should have another girlfriend, i asked why and she says so she can give me the things she says she can..why would she say this. truth is we are very diferent in may ways and im ok with that in fact i love that about our relationship.! but the problem is we get into arguments about lil things like id like her to go out with me sometimes or go to a concert she has but lets say its bin not much or more like we may go out once ever month and a half im not a big fan of that. truth be told id like to enjoy more things with her. her remedy is for me to find another girlfriend to go out with and she will be the home girlfriend shes given me the green light on this many times,but i don ever go tru with it why u may ask ..well i dont think its how u fix things,im very into growing into poly with her i love and adore her and i do belive it will help us grow in love and spirit but not at the expense of using it to fix something ... id like to get some feed back on this like i said im new to this and would like to know what is the right course of accion here ..THANKS AHEAD OF TIME ...
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