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Ran out of steam last night. Here I am again.

I'm sitting here wrapped in the scarf Derby made me by the fire this morning. Mmm. Cozy. the bailey's in my coffee is helping. Some things are a tradition while camping. Bailey's in morning coffee and a competition to make the best marshmallow; brown, puffy and melted right through. Or making as many layers come off the marshmallow as we can. Cheap beer is the other thing, although having just been to Washington state from British Columbia, nothing here is cheap!

We had a great pub night this week. There has been a bit of unrest in the community over the camp this summer and I feared it would continue to events there in. If it did I didn't notice. There seems to be more of an agreement to go about doing our thing and leaving others to do their thing. We are such a diverse community, I'm glad that there is a bit of letting go in terms of management of events. We had a growing pain this summer and I think we are coming out of it with better understanding, more acceptance and a better appreciation. Communication, giving space and letting things go seems to of helped. I'm thankful that people were willing to engage in that process.

I've enjoyed more family time with Derby and our family. I absolutely adore her kiddies. They are such characters! I love how their minds work and what they come up with. As they grow older I am noticing that they are a bit more compatible with LB, my boy. LB is an only child and used to an adult world and communication. Not to mention a little over a year older. He doesn't understand, nor want to, what its like to have a sibling or what its like to "run in a pack" like other kids. He is also got his little quirks that make him LB and one of them is that he prefers to observe.

At poly camp LB sat and watched the other kids. Many knew each other and were actively involved in their dynamic they were already part of. At one point we had a long conversation about the kids there and that they were similar to him in terms of the families they were growing up with. I am hoping that he will feel a sense of communty amongst his peers.

One "child" who was in her early 20's had been to camp for years and had grown up in the poly community. She knew nothing different and had a lot of information for us parents wondering how to make their kids life better. I asked if next year she would do a workshop so that parents could ask questions and could hear about her experiences. I found it interesting that her number one recomendation was to not hide relationships from kids; honesty and openness is key to normalizing for kids she had experienced.

So what's up for fall? Well, a family poly bbq coming up, singing a solo in my choir a couple of times, three burlesque events (one I am adding a BDSM theme), the women's group is meeting every month again, and mushroom season!

Not sure what to do about Halloween... Someone is hosting a poly/swinger/sex positive event but I don't know if we will be invited and I don't know if we will go. I'm wondering if I would end up going alone or do something else. I'm letting it unfold at the moment. I'm hoping to gain more clarity on what the event is before deciding if I would accept an invite. Last year we went (not Mono, he didn't like the idea of it) to a swinger event that my friend put on, but this year its not working out for her to do another.

Swinger events are different than poly sex positive events any way it seems. They seem to be far more couple centric. Swingers aren't big on singles coming to events, especially men, and poly sex events are mostly about single poly's in terms of approach. Single meaning the reverse of poly fi. Attached but not closed. I would imagine it would create a different atmosphere. I bet there are still creepy advances that are inappropriate, yet a sense of community that doesn't necessarily occur with swinger events other than people who attend regularly and who are like minded in that they like sport sex. I dunno, just talking at this point. I know nothing really. I fully admit that.

Wow, from family to sex. Nice!

Back to edit my post I wrote last night as I never got to it.
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