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Originally Posted by Cheesehead100 View Post
What's the polyamory perspective on internet porn? I think it's fun. My wife thinks it's not cool because there's no love involved. Before poly came up, I could understand her issue about porn - because I should be thinking about her and her alone. Now it doesn't seem so clear.
"Thinking about her and her alone" is, IMHO, ridiculous, but there are other reasons to be leery about internet porn, namely, the ease with which it can become addictive and can mess with your dopamine sensitivity, the same way any other addiction can. See, for example, Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is a Growing Problem, as well as the lengthy comment thread thereon. Men as young as in their twenties are starting to have ED problems when they are not in front of the computer!

I wouldn't call myself a prude, but I think the author of that article has some very good points to make, in a cautionary way. Far from a moralist, he encourages men to wean themselves from internet porn and have real sex with real women instead.

If nothing else, you'll avoid the "looks like Popeye on one side" problem.
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