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Originally Posted by jrcx3 View Post
She asked me what she did wrong, as if my attraction to a woman was because of anything she did.
Ah, the ol' pathologization of difference / homo-eros thing! Tell her that she must have done something very right for you to have turned out so blessed.

Originally Posted by jrcx3 View Post
Maybe she thinks my husband is make me do this lol as if he could. I start the ball rolling. Anyways what are your thoughts....?
I'd advise you not to worry too much about labels. I call myself bi (bisexual, biamorous), queer, even gay sometimes (I like to have access to the 'gay' world when I want it, and I certainly qualify, I think). Labels cannot harm you if you don't make a prison cell out of them. Just hold those labels loosely and lightly. You can change your mind about them whenever you want. - - - Oh, and if you like "both flavors" ... well, you're "bi".
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