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Okay, bit of an update.

I'm sitting by the fire on the last day of camping before summer ends. Tomorrow Leo and his family arrive and just as summer started, so it ends, with camping and our two families. The sex I could of had is not worth the satisfaction of knowing that this routine is likely going to continue. it makes me feel very happy that I made that choice for now and I am not in the least bit regretful. I have enough.

I have been chatting with Leo's wife a bit lately. She agreed to look after our family (okay, my) guinea pig when we went to poly camp this month and I got a chance to hang with her and our kids a bit as a result. She is much like me. No big surprise there really . In all the good ways of course . The only big difference is she doesn't do much. I realized just how important these camping trips are to her and the family as they really only spent time out side of there family twice this summer. A swingers party and hanging with us. That's it. I have been glad to gain some one on one trust as a result of spending time bonding over a guinea pig.

There were two poly camps this summer that I was part of. One I didn't actually stay at as I was saving for the latter and something told me it might not be a good idea. As it turned out my gut was right. Instead I spend time helping others debrief after as it turned out to be more of a nudy sexy camp than the all inclusive camp it was advertised as. It has meant that next year in our area there will be two camps; poly family camp and an adult camp. I guess on top of the friends camp I organize for friends and non-mono people to hang out at.

I decided to be on the committee for the family camp. Well, I was asked and agreed. I'm looking forward to finding interesting ways to make sure child an adult alike have a good time.

Poly camp in Washington state was awesome! I met some really great people and got to see how a camp can incorporate all needs and interests under the poly umbrella. I loved that I could escape family responsibility and do workshops on burlesque and safer sex! All away from the main camp yet still feeling as if there was a connection. We will definitely be there again next year! Next time I offered to do a workshop.

So when we got home we were given the pleasure of Mono's apartment flooded. A whole weekend of a hot water tank leaking. What a mess! At first Mono decided he would handle it all himself. It became clear pretty fast that it was a bigger issue than he first though.

Just before he moved in last year the other heater flooded (we have two, one for the apartment and the other for PN and my half of the house). We spent and evening mopping it up with towels and then spin drying them in the washer. The hand bissel I bouught ti clean furnature when LB was a baby meant we could suck up the water. Water wrecked some of the floor but after we dried it it seemed okay, so we left it. This time it spread throughout and we had to have the insurance company come in and rip it all out; floor, doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets. We had no idea that by leaving it last time mold had grown underneath the floor! It all had to go.

Now Mono lives on the couch in our part of the house. He will likely be there for awhile. Arranging for him to have time to himself and for PN to have time to himself has been an effort. I have had none. I don't have a bedroom either as its blocked off just as Mono's is. I MISS IT! We are managing but its tight quarters. It could of been so much worse, but we make do. More bonding. Nothing like bonding over tragedy. I might have to escape to the van again
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