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Default I don't identify

So I told my mom that dh and I were looking for a girlfriend to share, to sum up the conversation. Mom ask if I am Bisexual....I couldn't answer because I don't feel that I am, though I truly and fully enjoy being with the woman that we have met. I enjoy it more than I thought. Inhale always desired a very close relationship with a woman but I never thout it could reach a sexualy level. I guess some people out there could call me Bi but damn if I hate labels. I am really excited to share this relationship with my mom but I am not sure she is ready to know that we are dating. She asked me what she did wrong, as if my attraction to a woman was because of anything she did. Maybe she thinks my husband is make me do this lol as if he could. I start the ball rolling. Anyways what are your thoughts....?
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