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So far things are amazing! This person is a great fit for our lives. I couldn't imagine how close this experience would bringnme to my husband, I think we are closer now than when we started this adventure and we were pretty close before. I have battled with many green eyed monsters over the last few weeks and I have come out stronger and closer to the man that I love and a woman I could easily love. The NRE is strong but it is feeding all the relationships involved. The amorous nature of my marriage has never been stronger. I am more open emotionally to my husband, where as before I may have let little things slide now I let him know it all. I have the greatest man in the world for a husband and it fills be with overwhelming joy to share him with a woman I find just as amazing. This is such a great learning experience for us and it has already enriched our lives. I am pretty 'squee' right now. So come and get me "Negative Nancy" you can't get me down.

Really thought thank you all for the reality check. We had a predate talk about boundaries and a postdate talk to touch base and dh and I made sure to really reconnect afterwards and talk about everything we were feeling. I have never communicated so openly before. It's liberating.
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