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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Moral of the story, if you act like you have to ask permission for things, don`t be surprised when you get shot down. There is a difference between compromise, and communicating abilities and choices, versus acting like you need permission from a spouse.

There are two ways to act like a teen-age kid with 'dating'. #1 -Begging and pleading complete with pouting and waiting. #2 - Hissy fits and temper tantrums, complete with emotional withdrawl and punishment.

Its really its own art-form, the people who learn to walk the line of holding their own convictions, yet being compassionate with their spouses fears and needs.

Good Luck.
I think I'm just going to not bring it up for a while (like another week or so), and then tip my toe back into the discussion. He has said that he feels I'm "obsessed", but what I really am is excited.

I DO feel like I need permission to have this relationship, as my husband and I did not get together as polyamorous people. No? I also feel like preemptive conversation is probably a good thing. And I can't and won't lie. Ever. Especially to him. We have honesty, and we're working on getting trust back.
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