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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

Found it!! It was the next thread I clicked on!

Here is what Mono wrote in his post! Hope it helps.

Up on my soap box I go!

If you are going to read letirature to inform you and prepare you for a life with a polyamorous partner (especially if you ar unsure if you are poly) I highly suggest you pick up Deborah Anapol's - Love without Limits

The Ethical slut reads like an enabling book as opposed to an informative book in my humble opinion. I'm pretty mono and Deborah's book was much more clear, sensitive and less sexually driven which allowed me to focus on the content of the message and what poly is about. The Ethical Slut was like holding a handful of anthrax

Peace and Love
LR: Thank you for finding this post. I went ahead and ordered the book. And thank you to Mono for recommending it! You guys have been very informative and I really appreciate it.
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