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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Personally, I like guys like your husband. Once the amazingly tolerant and wonderful women finally get around to leaving, guys like me benifit as we look like the best mates possible in comparison, lol. I keep telling both Violet and Anne that they could each do far better than me, but they look back on what they had before and say "nope, like what I got now".

So thank you husband in advance on behalf of the guy you end up with next, the guy who will stand in awe of your beauty and persona. The guy who believes that when a woman who is too good for you enters your life, you should work your ass of to improve yourelf to keep her and make her happy, not try to tear her down to your level and make her feel unworthy. I assure you, that guy will be greatful to have you every day, and will sincerely want to thank your husband for how he's acting now.

Oh - welcome to the boards.
I read your post and burst into tears! I wish I could find this man you are talking about. Actually I wish my husband felt this way about me. I love my husband and I don't want to lose him.

We chatted a little online last night (he's still out of the country) and it didn't go well at all. I told him that I've been reading and learning about Poly and that I was excited to be expanding my mind. He replied "That's great but it won't matter if we can't work out my issues." I asked (actually begged) him to please tell me what these issues are. Over the last 5 weeks I keep hearing him talk about these issues but he has yet to tell me exactly what they are. Like every other time he wouldn't tell me what they are. I burst into tears (again)! I don't know how much longer I take this. We have a therapist appointment on Nov 10th, I hope that I make it that long. I wish that he would stop dragging this out. Why can't he just tell me the truth?!?!

I think that I need to meet some new people. Anyone here from Central NY? Ok sorry about the rant! HMA: thank you again for your kind words. It really touched my heart. I wish that I could find someone who would cherish me and like/love me for who I was.
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