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Sometimes I think the cosmos throws a lot of things at us to have us experience them and strengthen ourselves into who we really are so that when destiny comes knocking we are fully present and capable of embracing it fully and blossoming into a more enriched and whole person.

I understand how discouraging it can be to be looking for something you never find or find to certain degrees. I think one of the other forum threads pointed it out perfectly when they posted that we need to be open for how relationships evolve and grow because many times we have preconceived notions that actually limit what we can find.

Hang in there, be open and forthcoming and see what happens. We can't allow the bad to taint what might be but that takes some effort. As for the electrifying connection, pursue it and see what happens. I'm kinda in the same position and my belief is that somethign like that is there for a reason and I need to find out where it can go even if that means excessive amounts of patience, exploration and waiting for everyone to figure stuff out.

Good Luck!
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