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'Grounding' ? Really ?

How about, you just be home when you say you`ll be home ? If you can`t be home at the time asked, SAY you can`t.

Don`t agree to times that don`t work for you, just to get what you want in the moment.

Even though you kept him 'up to speed' via text, you still didn`t keep your word. What you did, is the equivalent, of when someone confesses the truth after a initial lie. You did right, but it doesn`t mean you are off scott-free.

You also seem to be going at your swinging/poly rather quickly. When you mention in your initial post that you had one swinging experience, and then decided to go out by yourself, (on a regular basis right away) that is quicker then average for a previously mono couple of 6.5 years. There is nothing wrong with being outside of the norm, if everyone seems ok with the pace.

However, usually what happens is this very thing. The pace goes fast, and a spouse is initially ok, but then the inevitable question comes
into their mind, " Will my spouse just keep snowballing ?'..then they panic. They didn`t get time to digest each stage, and now it all catches up with them.

Compromise will get ya there. Delta will not.
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