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Originally Posted by schtuff View Post
ok seriously... i need to have her take the quiz, unfortunately i think we might be polar opposites on this thing. i mean, that would mean that we complete one another in a yin yang sort of co-existence, and we both believe in balance, karma, justice, and an influence from the universe.... but if i am right, i believe my lowest scores 1 or 2 (acts, gifts) would be her highest scores. .
Having different love languages is expected and no biggie, really. The point is that some miscommunications happen when one person is trying to show they love the person in a way that doesn't communicate love for their partner. For example a man for whom "Acts of Service" is how he feels love, might do a lot of things like fix the car, mow the lawn, etc. and that's how he shows love to his wife. If his wife's love language is "Quality Time", then she's not "feeling" any love from him, because he's spending all of his time doing things instead of with her!

The book is good, I just finished it, but yes it is focused on monogamy and there is one line about having more than one partner diminishing the relationship, so anti-poly statement right there. But... I'm really good at glossing over that stuff.

Basically you don't really need to read the book. Just having each of you take the quiz, find out what the major love language(s) are, and then making the effort to communicate your love through your partner's love language is really all there is to it.
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