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OK how and when did I say what she would be like, I can say she would have to like the countryside because if she didn't she would hate it. As there is little chance of her coming from around here, it would mean she would have to travel, our commitments to our land, our animals mean we can't not together often anyway.
I am obvioulsy not clear in what I am saying, or some of you guys are just picking on the tiniest of details and making it a film.
I mentioned own space, a bathroom and suddenly a life is designed. I mean come on give us a break. Doesn't most people like privacy sometimes, that might be what I was asking.
If you don't like the country there is no place to go, it fine for a visit, but if you are thinking of moving to it, you have to love it. There I've said it. You have to love the country. One bus a day. One shop. No English speaking people. No cafe for 20 kilometres. No bar as such........just fields, animals, working the land, and us. So if it was a distant encounter, maybe it would be good to be honest first.
Right forgive me for being short, but animals to sort for bed, some to walk, others to feed, and bottling to finish, before we settle down for an evening listening to the world and looking at the stars. Not for all eh.
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