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thanks julia. i was not surprised by my love language. and i think the misses's's's (i hate apostrophes) might be different.

oh great.... now i am having an epiphany! sheesh now i have to think.... about relationship schtuff, and emotions. (not easy for us emotionally stunted men).

ok seriously... i need to have her take the quiz, unfortunately i think we might be polar opposites on this thing. i mean, that would mean that we complete one another in a yin yang sort of co-existence, and we both believe in balance, karma, justice, and an influence from the universe.... but if i am right, i believe my lowest scores 1 or 2 (acts, gifts) would be her highest scores.

ha ha... now i have to be introspective too!!!! carp!<spell check cant fix everything. for someone who puts stock in balance, my scores were anything but.... i was 8,8,1,2,11. of course there is the redhead influence kicking in there at the end, and a somewhat abusive childhood (red headed step child) causing a need to be reassured and bumping the front scores.... oh great.... now i am self analyzing, i feel like i should be billing myself for this session, but i cant afford my own rates!

thanks julia for throwing a monkey wrench into my day. :P
he he he.

seriously thank you, it was very informative, and it could seriously boost a level of communication between loving adults.


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