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Yeah i think listening/watching some stuff on dan savage could be good. Or just buy the book Sex At Dawn and reading it in front of him. (this worked for me with my girlfriend). It could go a few ways though. He could be totally uninterested and not notice the hints. He could get the hints and be repulsed and leave or he could get it and start asking you questions. Then maybe he will go through a transition period where he has to deal with the new realities of your relationship. If this happens I would guess he will stay around and you will go through a negotiation period. I this happens you are on to a winner.
In my limited experience with my girlfriend, she had to go through a kind or mourning process while leaving our mono relationship before she came around to the idea. this can be unpleasant but at least you are doing the right thing. if he cant deal with the realities of life, i guess its just his problem
good luck!
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