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Default Busy as hell

I am a very tired, very happy tornado of life. I got tough with myself in August, spent hours on my calandar, and did soooo much work on relationships, myself, and just, well, work.

I wanted to see if I could do everything I had planned for a whole month. I did all but three things I had written out of about 70, and ended up adding some.

I am so glad it's September~I am quite a taskmaster Time to slow down a little, watch the season change, and try to understand how my life has changed in recent months.

In September I will stay in my home state. I will begin learning how to play my cello. I will move to a new house with just me and my dog. I will make a decision(or at least get applications out) about what I will be doing for work in 2012. I will rest. I will cook. I will submit one edited piece to a local independent magazine that has been asking. I will hang out with my mom and finally get around to watching those videos she has of my late brother, David.

These days I must be at peace with not knowing the shape of things to come too far out. I have even come to like it, but I am learning how to structure my life within that. I need some structure.

"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
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