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I love Design Star but haven't watched it recently, I keep missing it. Didn't think about DVRing it, duh! So I couldn't tell you who got booted off...

Love Property Virgins, House Hunters/and Intl though I find I'm a bit disillusioned by then because everyone seems to have a budget of $400,000 or higher and I could only dream to afford a mortgage that high. Wish they'd show more in the $100k to $200k arena. I watch Holmes on Homes and can't believe the shoddy job some people do. I especially like it when they film in secret, a crappy install of something and then Holmes goes in and rips it apart. Awesome!

They used to have a show on there that showed brand new designers taking on their first big job and follows them through whole process, snags and all. Not sure if that one is on anymore...haven't seen it. Is Curb Appeal still being shown? Loved that one too. Used to watch HGTV all the time but then didn't for a while since my roommate would complain about it. But now I have my own apartment and my boyfriend loves to watch it with me at his place.
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