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Originally Posted by naturebug32 View Post
I love watching HGTV
Me too! You just reminded me, I need to catch up with my recordings of Design Star - haven't watched the last couple weeks, but I DVR them all. No, don't tell me who got booted off!

I love watching Property Virgins, House Hunters/House Hunters International, Holmes on Homes (once had an erotic dream about him), and I'm so hot-hot-hot for Scott McGillivray! You can see some of the female homeowners on his show just salivating to stand next to him! I also really enjoy Colour Confidential - I think Jane Lockhart is a great designer, and I'm so glad she went back to being a blonde. That red hair was terrible on her and made her look older! I record her show, too. It's fun to watch a bunch of them in a row.
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