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No upset taken from you, Lucia! I just realized I needed to clarify my story as it came across a bit confusing.
Reaping what I sow is definitely what is happening which is a decision I know is the right, valid and respectful one - and one that I am accepting. I lied to, cheated and hurt my partner (there is a reason that it is called this) and now it is his feelings that need to be upheld, and my job to work on the trust between us; I was expressing my thoughts on the current situation, processing the new hurdle, gathering my decisions into words, and it brought me to a what-would-you-do-if question. Two things melded into one post -

I really should have posted in the "General" section as I was mainly curious as to what other people thought on wiping out all things (relationships included) when outside your primary goes wrong and starting again fresh, or if it is worth it to stick with the original problem/person and work on that together. T'is all.

Epic internet communication fail on my part! I am happy for either end (personal or what-if) to continue, though!

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