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Current to today - partner is left feeling hurt and betrayed (I left my partner in the dark under the guise that all was OK, and respectful... which the actions were, intentions were not if that makes sense.

the action IS the biggest problem. How does your SO know, if you put her in the dark and left?
You have to work really hard, if you want to be together with them.

For me, it sounds may harsh, but you are just try to be justify yourfself.

We are currently in the healing phase, regaining trust, under a stipulation/assumption that this relationship/these feelings were laid to rest.

Are you really sure about that?
I am having a similer stiation, I dont really feel in healing phase..... Even we are trying.....

I am also not willing to give up my relationship with my partner (which is at the utmost importance right now)

your partner means your wife or GF?

but I am struggling to find a balance.

Have you really talk about those things with your SO and GF?
I am having problem my hubby doesnt want to talk about it.
I think only you can make or find a balance when you talk with them.
That's what i want really...
Doesnt your wife want to talk about it?
Doesnt your GF want to talk about it?
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