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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
It's funny yesterday I was writing on this very topic.....from the opposite prospective . The idea that a partner would "force" themselves to be used acting...Rp used push....I think it amounts to the same. I was told I was projecting ....well put yourself in his situation would you want any of your partners to "act, force, or push "themself into being sexual intimate with you.
Gosh, Dingedheart, I said you were projecting onto MY relationship dynamic. You're acting like people have denied to you that anyone can lose interest in their partners at all, ever. Obviously people can lose interest in their partners, and it obviously happened to you, and might be happening to the OP. It's just that sometimes it *doesn't* happen like that. Can you understand that? That people's relationship dynamics can be different--that we're not all the same? That just because your wife lost interest in you sexually, it doesn't mean that wives everywhere will always lose interest in their husbands in the same way?
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