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Hi fellow Poly's
I am 50, male, straight and married (20 years). My wife and I recently decided to give each other permission to have outside relationships. I think we've both been interested in this at times, though we have never "cheated" and never been with anyone else in any kind of intimate or sexual way since we were married. My wife suggested that we try this and I have to admit it stirred some desires within me for a couple of women friends that I know, who may be available (not married/attached at the moment). Part of the reason for this is that due to my work situation, my wife and I have to spend significant time apart (up to weeks at a time) and we both get lonely during these times. There are other reasons but this is the most practical one. I look forward to sharing more on this site. I have already found out you can't just tell anyone you are poly or thinking of going that way - some people just find this lifestyle unacceptable or a poor substitute for divorce in the case of married couples. I for one do not want someone else's beliefs imposed on me but I am interested in other's experiencees and wisdom, which is why I am here. Thank you for reading.
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