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Default great thread idea!

I have found community here in the form of good people who are like me in many ways but just different enough to challenge me and to make me willing to want to debate! number one benefit....

This time last year husband and I were waffling all over the place, going through it all alone. While we are 12 years into the poly thing and came into our marriage this way, we never had community EVER! ...until this year. I am so happy my cheeks hurt sometimes. Not only have I found another long lost soul mate and love of my life in Mono, but a community as well, both on here and in my city!

I am truly blessed.

The down side for me is lack of time to be on here. Fortunately I can use my phone to respond a lot of the time, but I do this on work time and that is not really what I should be doing I usually stay up WAAAAAY to late, which is what I am doing right now!

More on the down side? I'm addicted!!!
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