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[QUOTE=redpepper;100099]It seems to me you both have struggles. Him with letting go of HIS agenda and you with your jealousy... how about getting together to TALK about is all....? help each other out.

yes, I am struggling too, but he is more struggling to make both of us happy.
which is not success yet.
Do you mean talk about it with 3 of us?
He wanted to talk with 3 of us, but I dont think 3 of us talking isnt going to happen.
I dont know what i say to her.
I already asked him to tell his gf, I want to have sparate life that when he is with me dont interraput, but i dont know if he told her that.
She doesnt want to talk with me, so....

Have you looked closely at your jealousy?

I am still looking at my jealousy.
so far, I jealous cos I havent got time to be only two of us, he always gets text or phone call, chat message from his GF. I dont do that, when I know, think they are together, because I dont want his gf feels a same way as i feel, and also, I want him to enjoy with her time.
I havent got attention as mush as i had before.
It isnt a same way that he treats me before, I dont feel Im specail princess to him anymore.
I dont feel his love....because what has he done to me since i come back in uk.
fear for my visa issue. if someone report it, I wont be able to with him.

Done some reading here?

not all of them yet.

Have you talked to him about it?

not really talk about it when he is sorba.
I was over my emotional limit, and told him how i feel, so he know why I am jealouse.

He needs to understand that the more he helps you and is considerate of you, the more he gets out of it... pouting about not getting his way is going to eventually put him on the fast track to being single I would think... the furthest away from his dream. I think he needs to realize that people have emotions and they are their for a reason... find out the reason, find a solution and act on it... sounds simple, but its a shit load of work, especially with more than one partner.

He know he has to work it out really hard and trying, but looks like he's also avoiding it as well.
for example, he gets nasty grumpy when he drinks, so I told him he should stop drinking, and he nodded. but he did drink when i wasnt at home. Drinking cos he was grumpy. for me, he drinks cos he wants to escape from reallty, but it doesnt any change....

Am I too high expectation?
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