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Wow. Thank you so much for posting this. (I promise I won't post so many posts in a row in the future, I'm just really tripping out on some of the conversations on here and want to read them all!)

Originally Posted by Legion View Post
but around 9 months I called it quits and told her I needed to go back to "being poly".
You know, I once would have found myself in this situation and thought terrible things about you, really because I thought terrible things about myself for being capable of doing this.

Now, I completely understand how hard this must have been for you as well. It must be difficult loving someone and having to "choose" between a person and a lifestyle that is authentic to you.

My answer came to me, though.


I think this is what polyamory means to me. It means not closing the door on opportunity. I means exploring the infinite rather than limiting potential. I have felt it work wonders on my heart, mind, spirit. I've discovered the more I love the more love flows from me.
This is beautiful. Thank you for writing this.

I traded my savings account for lottery tickets. I left my job to hike across Europe. You can make favorable or unfavorable metaphors for what I've done but the important thing to me is that the way remain clear, that I remain free to move and love as I choose.
I have recently been thinking a lot about these kinds of trade offs. What I crave is the sense of belonging and security that comes from knowing there is at least one person in the world who will ALWAYS be there for me, no matter what. I have also felt most at home in recent years within some form of unconventional, multi-partnered, fluid, highly communicative arrangement. So, maybe trading one can threaten the other.

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